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You can leave your trade requests here or use my email address (ixionesis[at]gmail[dot]com).

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Character: Shiina Asahi
Series: Free!
Name suggestions: luck-pusher
Reason for names: Asahi is said to be a luck-pusher.
Other Suggestions: for the deck color, it might be cool if it could be red. The picture which could look good as a mastery badge is named as such.
Link to donation: link
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It's that time of the year again. As always, I really like pretty and/or cool looking anime boys so post a picture of them in your comment and I'll reward you with a piece of candy~ ♥

candies I've given

sinew, moon_wolf, akrous, gammacrank, admiral

candies I've got

ixionesis: (Goulart Knights :: Hokuto Aoi)
Activity log

- Got kissme03 as a gift from zeittari.

- Got wisewolf11, heiress20, collider12 and lure19 from Colorseum 7-5.

- Got chef20, freestyle14, whitehorse06, genomirai10, cascade01, pitviper06, ambidex08, ambrosia10, piercing18, motherly17, bigbenkei01, bentenmaru14, netopia14, trains12, honeytachi04, here10, commoner15, undead05, tiny08, capture03, magical20, dancing03, sun04, poffins05, planting06, harasho18, hypervision09, terpsichora13, angels11, commoner16, shenlong05, cyber12, detection16, twili02, lively06, china14, petal06, blackberry03, surpass05, duel19, dance18, leading02, dyaus07, vinea02, maleantags17, identity17, uza-uza15, lines07, provider15, tomb14, gatekeeper13, wildfox17, nande10, trips17, reactions10, orangecrayon, three yellow crayon, bluecrayon, greencrayon, browncrayon and graycrayon from Pot of Gold 53.

- Got tonic20, doctor01 and honoo18 from Guess the Color 218.

- Got kissme12, inferiority07, math15 and poor15 from A Challenger Appears! 41.
- Got all-rounder03, elf07, tinto01 and handcuffs06 from Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 235.
- Got apologize19, apple01, apple08, apple12, apple13, childofgod07, chupa14, negate11, opast06, opast13, opast16 and opast19 from Recycled Art.

- Got scepter401, ship17, tabris07, whiskers03, whiskers17, yamaken05, yamaken18 and yatsufusa08 as a gift from sal.

- Got gadgeteer20, pureheart10 and scepter408 from Guess the Colors 219.

- Got jagara16, mediocrity08, poffins13 and koga17 from Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 236.
- Got racer14, doghouse10, truth07, lasagna15, stories01, forks07, overlord04, hatter06, menma12, apostle10, cologne10, appetite10, fanservice05, ladykiller02, 75th16, icolo08, hereditary01, blonddevil04, lionheart11, knight14, jakob03, backstroke03, japan17, prodigy19, 20faces11, lumiose08, curry18, aimo01, oceanside13, miyanom10, mercurius05, acrophobia19, yellowcrayon, greencrayon, bluecrayon and graycrayon as Mod Pay (April 16 - April 30).

- Got rising14, rouge05 and deck15 from Arazlam's Clues 245.

- Got intellect17 and karate03 from Help Miss Kamila 68.

- Got miko09, demonqueen20 and deities12 from Seiyuu Guess 187.

- May release: kapow20, severe17, minazuki08, guile04, prismvoice20, similar05, shock18, bauxite02, shiokaze03, myunit02, femaleidols09, mecha17 (donated) and sports05 (bonus).

- Donated stone-face -> got chocolate09, plugin16, make-up16 and yellowcrayon.
- Donated kapow -> got two04, color10, hyper01 and greencrayon.
- Donated abu -> got homicidal14, canada07, asleep12 and orangecrayon.

- Swapped four red crayons to kapow01, kapow02, kapow05 and kapow14 (Art Shop).
- Got nonary01, swordia09 and abu14 from Host Club Giveaway 113.
- Got skullstomp10, scooter03, acrophobia04, g-8903, saluki02 and younger14 from Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 237.

- Got controlled08, demon09, 1stlt15, twirl19, chessboard20, destruct04 and greencrayon from Beauty Pageant 89.

- Got karaya14, osaka19, spokeswoman19 and christianity08 from Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 238.
- Swapped nine orange crayons to precipices01, precipices05, precipices09, precipices10, precipices11, precipices12, precipices13, precipices18 and precipices20 (Art Shop).
- Swapped six purple crayons to upbeat01, upbeat04, upbeat08, upbeat14, upbeat18 and upbeat20 (Art Shop).

- Got unique02, knucklehead10, greythorne16 and graycrayon from Scrapbook 124.

- Got dwn-01717, overelement15, hanafuda14 and cyborggirl05 Colorseum 8-4.

Trade log

- Traded my closest10 to hermitcrab03 with kuranosuke.
- Traded my arrogant02, reader13, caduceus18, sinnoh09 and sisters10 to freespirit01, imperatore06, kailu01, kaminomimi09 and snowwhite05 with eonflamewing.
- Traded my cute15 and weak17 to ultrasouls04 and ultrasouls12 with canute.
- Traded my feast09 and icefairy06 to wolves04 and yatagarasu19 with haiji.
- Traded my boisterous04, thetower17, ikebana13 and oblivious12 to acrobat07, easygoing16, tonfa19 and trashy07 with zeittari.
- Gave my sakanoshita11 as a gift to kuranosuke.
- Gave my thebrain14 as a gift to canute.
- Gave my browntiger16 as a gift to dialny.
- Gave my daitsuren06 as a gift to zeittari.

- Traded my ancestor05, ancestor20 and shrine17 to granddream14, kaminomimi10 and mafioso14 with moon_wolf.
- Traded my 142cm15, accused17, agriculture05, aimo01, ark06, ball14, center05, center19, chaotix05, charmbuster04, chibimoon19, chimchar17, chromacamo17, cyborgidol05, dreamyard02, giraffe03, graduate20, grandprix19, honeybee09, mail12, metroline14, nova09, orichalcos02, orichalcos04, osaka11, papillon02, scales01, scales02, sensory11, shadaloo05, shadaloo14, submit14, sunshine07, sunshine12, zephyr16 and jobs12 to katamari11, kingkazma05, kingkazma15, outside19, pegasus06, pistol06, tall06, tall13, tall14, umibozu02, viewpoint11, aquaria08, aquaria10, bestfriend05, catcher13, demonk11, dogkeeper19, economical12, fraternity17, gekidasa06, goldking08, kaminomimi03, norespect17, precise08, scorpio12, sensei08, taurus06, uniforms08, hotdog13, hijizo06, hermitcrab08, scar03, spicy07, slob16, wildlife09 and explosives14 with netbug009.

- Traded my bakeneko01, belderiver06, corrine07, gin01, littlebird16, mercenary05, olderwomen08, rope11, sticker15, stitching12 and worldcreate08 to aquatic06, cancer03, defend14, hamlet16, hamusenryu06, metalrod11, mp306, nobility06, pilot13, pisces01 and scent07 with sal.

- Traded my similar05 to kapow16 with koohii.
- Traded my femaleidols09 to kapow09 with secretambition.
- Traded my shock18 to kapow12 with dialny.
- Traded my dln-00807 to kapow13 with skybuns.
- Traded my guile04 to kapow17 with eonflamewing.
- Traded my minazuki08 to kapow18 with scblakdrgon.
- Traded my prismvoice20 to kapow15 with fortuneparty.
- Traded my bauxite02 to kapow07 with profamp.

- Traded my utahime18 to kapow03 with ivoryandthorn.
- Traded my severe17 to kapow19 with shadowblight.
- Traded my charisma01 to kapow10 with steakmilk.
- Traded my kitten04 to kapow11 with akrous.

- Traded my shiokaze03 to kapow08 with commandant.

- Traded one blue crayon to kapow04 with tatsuta.

- Traded my hotarumaru07 to wires19 with canute.

- Traded my backstroke03 and poffins13 to deer03 and outlaw05 with kuranosuke.
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I'll still want to try this out even though there is only two days left. So, post some cute and/or pretty (psst, I love pretty anime boys) in your comment so I can gift you with a candy~ ♥

candies I've given

kuranosuke, tonko, canute, emberwishes, toran, moon_wolf, nyxnoxbox, mori, tetsurou, cautiousardent, empanadas, magaru, admiral, instrumentality, zettaimuri, secretambition, harukami, blinkingrune, lihanortti, wingeddreams, radria, yokatta, aaveplsgo, preternatural

candies I've got

from Pokeradar 204, Help Miss Kamila 49 & 50, Pokeradar 204, scblakdrgon, solciel, secretambition, needles
from Switch It Up 85, zettaimuri, blinkingrune, skybuns, reneetwist
from Pick a Color 101, emberwishes, onyxdotexe, yokatta
from Scrapbook 108, kuranosuke, cautiouscardent, preternatural, nyxnoxbox
from Help Miss Kamila 49 & 50, toran, aaveplsgo, instrumentality
from Help Miss Kamila 49 & 50, Ansem's Player Report 59, aurorawing, kues, honeybrushedheart, bridgitkiido, Directions 97, Spare Parts 172, mori
from suguro, koohii, red-lotus, laurant, gammacrank
from tentacular, radria, eyvindur

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My card post has moved so let Totsuka Tatara lead you to the new address~

If the picture doesn't work, click here.